Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lonely cliffs and waterfalls, If no one sees me I'm not here at all....

I've been reading several blog posts about crafting resolutions for 2014 and thought that it would be good to set myself a few goals to encourage me to spend more time crafting and to also challenge myself to learn some new skills too.
I've reorganised my crafting space so that I can fit my sewing related items alongside my jewellery making equipment and beads. This has helped me take stock of the many beads, fabrics and patterns I have collected over the last few years and I have come up with the following projects for this year:
  • Hexagon EPP patchwork chair makeover - I have a small wooden chair which belonged to my mum and hides in shame under my desk. It was re-covered in the early 80's but is now in desperate need of some TLC and I thought it would be perfect for recovering with some hexagon patchwork.
  • Baby playmat no 3 - I love making these and the size of them makes them a manageable project to handle with my sewing machine.  This time though I'm setting myself the challenge of making the quilt top from shapes other than squares or rectangles and to quilt it using free-motion quilting.
  • Knitted toys - I received a book on knitted toys two Christmases ago and have yet to make anything from it. I want to make at least two items from this book this year. 
  • Make five items of jewellery - I realised when organising my craft space that I have bought some really lovely beads over the years and I don't accessorize enough.
  • Make 3 dresses for me! - I have collected some lovely dress patterns and fabrics over the last two years but have so far only made one dress or shortened long dresses and trousers. I noticed that a lot of other sewcialists were planning to do more selfless sewing this year. My plan is the opposite - less for others, more for me! 
  • Learn how to use the button-hole feature on my sewing machine - I've owned my sewing machine for 18 months yet only learned to use the zipper foot in December.  I ought to learn to use the button hole feature too so I've set that as a challege for this year.

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